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About Us 

Square Rooted is a Calgary-based company dedicated to delivering fresh, locally-grown vegetables while building community.

Our mission is simple, to help people stay healthy.

Square Rooted grew from the need for people to access fresh vegetables, in a time where maintaining optimal health is at the forefront. Our shopping habits have been significantly challenged. We don't have the same access to farmers markets, or the freedom to leisurely stroll through a grocery store. We know eating healthy food is a significant part of maintaining our overall health and creating strong immunity. Now, more than ever, we face challenges accessing what we need while being asked to keep a distance from each other

What We Do

Square Rooted creates beautiful produce boxes with locally grown veggies, delivered right to your door. Square Rooted boxes are available twice a week, filled with the freshest vegetables grown near Lacombe, Alberta at Doef's Greenhouse and tomatoes grown right next door at Gull Valley Greenhouse. No waiting for weeks for delivery times to be available, Square Rooted will keep your house full of fresh veggies, while making delivery safe and easy for you.

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Square Rooted

is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Offering contact-less delivery in the City of Calgary only.

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Order Cut-offs:


For Tuesday delivery order before Saturday at 9:00 PM

For Friday delivery, order before Monday at 9:00 PM

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